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The name Salivate evolved from my passion for wines with mouthwatering freshness. This also happens to be the best wines with food! As such, the portfolio will always focus on wines from cooler climates, allowing for balanced wines with good acidity and low to moderate levels of alcohol. The portfolio begins with a handful of superb Austrian producers, all from different regions. Each of them are family-owned and produce their wines with respect for the land and environment. They all use sustainable practices; in fact, almost 85 percent of their area under vine in Austria is farmed using natural methods. Austria has a long history of vine cultivation, and is therefore deeply rooted in their culture. The wines make particularly great food pairings and represent an exceptional price/quality ratio. I look forward to sharing these unique wines, and hope you will find great pleasure in them too!


I began my wine career working in retail shops beginning in 1994. Within a short time I knew I wanted to work closer to the producers and share their wines with the wine trade as well as consumers. I eagerly moved over to the wholesale side of the industry, working in a variety of sales roles for a number of large and small importers. Inevitably, the dream of importing wines myself grew into reality as I became increasingly passionate about specific countries and styles of wines.

Christina Masciangelo

Christina Masciangelo